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Seer Still Here

Words by Melo OBM

The City. FRISCO! Better known as San Francisco, CA. The home of the Giants, 49ers and Warriors! A place full of trend-setters and boss tycoons – one being the late-great, one and only Dru aka Seerious One who embodied and represented all that.

Born and raised in The City, Dru grew up in the golden era. He was a break dancer as an adolescent and started tagging at a young age. Dru was an all-around hustler, entrepreneur, cannabis connoisseur. He created many popular Bay Area born weed strains, which led to the start of his brand Seerious Strains.

This WayBerner x The Jacka ft. X, Young Boss
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the dopest factor to krush 

I met Dru around 2005, around when I was 15-16 years old. From all nighters running around bombing The City, to often getting lifted and talking about life. We got close over the years and grew a strong bond. A brotherhood.​ He sharpened my knowledge on the history of Frisco graffiti – and after many moons bombing together, he asked if I wanted to be down in TK (a graf crew shorthand for True Kings, The Klick, Turf Kings). Dru was definitely the big brother I never had.​ Over time, we took different paths in life, but our brotherhood remained strong. I remember him telling me what he wanted to do with his life and that was exactly what he did.

Animal Cookies, Blue Ivy, Cherry Garcia, Nu-Wave and The Truth are just some of the many strains he crafted – even mentioned in a song like "This Way" by the late Bay Area Legend, The Jacka. Dru was a man of many talents with a lot of game who was able to do anything and everything he put his mind to.

We talked about putting a book together, and how we should link with Skew, ICP to make it happen. The vision for a book was planted from that last phone call with him. The flicks he sent to Art Primo, for their magazine SF Hands, were only some from an era lost in time. This was the last time I spoke to Seer on the phone.

He never limited his dreams and always thought out the box – a true bonafied hustler with an old school mentality. Seer was the definition of a real one – loyalty and honor were his top tier attributes that stood him out from the rest. He was HIM – the boi boi, creator, father, artist, connoisseur, breaker, GRAFSTER, and brother.

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