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From the streets of san francisco
For the last of the real worldwide by melo obm

Seerious flows

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From the streets of San Francisco, for the last of the real worldwide by Melo OBM — one of Frisco’s most notorious bus hoppers from the hyphy era. Here to honor those who laid it down with style while keeping it lit for Seer ICP TK TDF.

"Letter to SEER"

Long Live Seer ICP TK TDF



"Faking the funk! A lot of you people wearing them fucked hip-hop tee shirts... You don't realize that the only thing you're doing is making these fake ass corporations rich off our shit. If anybody should be getting paid, it should be real writers who are out there paying dues rather than these fake ass corporations."

Mike "Dream" Francisco, TDK

August 15, 1969 - Feb 17, 2000

Not for those of us who are true to it. It's reflected in our slang, in our walk, and in our stance. In our dress, and in our attitude. Hip-hop has a history and an origin, and a set of principles including rules and regulations that a lot of these new kids overlook nowadays. Music itself acts as a safety valve in society. If there was no hip-hop music, there would much more chaos in the streets than we have now. It's our way to release tension, to let out the frustration that young people face in the world today. Over the years, hip-hop has evolved to represent what is happening now, the reality of street life. Rap is the oral expression of this; The tune, the literature. Hip-hop is the lifestyle, the philosophy, and even the religion if I may. Just as jazz has had its own culture, rap music also has its own culture, which we proudly call hip-hop. Although the music and lifestyle is now propagandized by the media, and is now exploited by big business, it will still remain for some of us as the raw essence of life. Peace"


DJ Premier and Guru

DJ Premier and Guru of Gang Starr pose with a boombox. 1991, San Francisco, CA.

Gang Starr

Photography by Martyn Goodacre

Guru Signature

Keith Edward Elam

July 17, 1961 - April 19, 2010

"Yo, hip-hop is a way of life. It ain't a fad, it ain't a trend.

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